Kaiten Zushi

YouTube did an annoying thing recently. I can no longer visit the English version of their site in Japan. Every time I try to go to their .com address it re-directs me to the Japanese site, where I can view all the same content or upload my own, but I can read what the links and buttons say. Thus it’s taking me a lot longer to upload videos tonight than it should. But maybe it will be good for my Japanese skills.

At any rate, hope you enjoyed this video from my recent meal at a kaiten zushi — revolving sushi restaurant. Good times and good food. Come back soon; I’ve got lots of other goodies I’m trying to line up and pre-post tonight for the week(s) to come.


4 thoughts on “Kaiten Zushi

  1. tokyo5

    >Every time I try to go to their .com address it re-directs me to the Japanese site

    Personally, I prefer the 日本語 (Japanese language) version…for the very reason you mentioned (improves my reading ability).

    But you can permanently move it back to English. In the upper-right corner, click the Japanese flag and change it to the Canadian or UK one or whatever.

  2. Whitey

    Quite possibly my fastest comment ever, about 5 minutes after posting. And thanks for the tip! It worked, and now I know what I’m doing (at least a little).

  3. Paul Nethercott

    Good video Robin!

    Kaiten sushi has got to be the best quality fast food in the world, one of those great inventions of humankind, I love it.

    We will have to visit my favorite place when you are here in Tokyo – all plates are 100 yen — it is not only fast, but cheap, and good, just the kind of place I like.

  4. Kathleen

    Waaagh! I went to one of these with friends in Osaka last Oct/Nov. It was the first time I’d gone out for sushi in Japan. This brings back such fun memories! We (hubbie and I ) won some fun little toys there. I love sushi and it was so tempting to eat tons of it. The hubbie opted for udon as he’s just not a fan of raw fish.

    I loved watching all the little yummy plates of sushi go by…..slurp.

    Fortunately there are two restaurants in my area that, even though they are pale imitations, do have conveyor belts to zip the sushi goodness around to my table. Drool.


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