Deuteronomy 29:1-13

“Therefore…” in response to God’s love, protection and provision “obey”. (vs. 9)

Even in OT times, mankind’s obedience was a response to God’s grace. He chose Israel, He delivered them, He led them to the Promised Land. And here Moses reminds them of all God has done for them. He calls the people to obey the Lord’s commands, in response to that grace.

As Christians, we don’t obey God to earn His favor or love; we do it in response to the favor and love He’s already shown us through Jesus. Grace!

Father God, thank You for Your grace. Thank You for loving me first. May I live in Your love and grace today, following Jesus, obeying You.


English Cafe


This pic was taken last Friday night at our monthly English Cafe. I wasn’t able to be there because I had to take my folks to the airport in Tokyo that night. But fortunately a friend was able to step in and lead. I’m thankful this ministry is bigger than just me.

Surprise, Surprise (September 2013 Prayer Letter)

Hi everyone,

This month I’ve been busy entertaining some unexpected guests — my parents!  My pastors and some others were in on the plan, but I had no idea they were coming. I was graciously given permission to take a few days off to travel with my parents, so over the past week we took a trip to Osaka, Nara and Kyoto to see the sights and visit with some of my friends. The photo above is of me and my folks with my “Japanese parents” at Nara Park.

Thank you for your continuing  prayers and support! In August, we finished the English translation of Manga Genesis, Book 1, and sent it off to the publishers. I played on the worship team at youth camp, where it was great to see God working in teens’ lives. I also had the opportunity to preach at my church in Nagoya.  I was preaching in Japanese in front of my parents, so I felt more nervous than usual. But I did OK, and more importantly I felt that God spoke through me. Also, one of my English students attended church for the first time that day! PTL!

This month, I’d ask you to pray specifically for our big English Club event on September 22. We have a special guest musician (Kat McDowell) coming and are hoping for a big turn-out. Pray that God will use this event to draw people to Jesus!

I’m planning to send a full newsletter next month with more details and photos from my summer adventures.  Until then, thanks again, and keep praying for Japan!


– Robin

August 2013 Prayer Letter

Hi everyone!

I just returned from a few day’s vacation in my Japanese “hometown,” Sayama City, Osaka.  I had a great time of catching up with old friends — some of whom I hadn’t seen since I left Sayama TEN YEARS ago!

Thank you for your prayers for my ministry over the past month.  On July 15, in Nagoya, we hosted a special “Summer Festival” event for our kids English students and their families.  We had a great turn-out, and everyone had a good time. It was a good chance to build stronger relationships between our church and our students. I even got to share a short Bible message, and I’m thankful that these super-energetic little kids actually listened! Please pray for God to keep working in the lives of my students and their families.

On July 21, I visited Shizuoka Immanuel Church, where, in addition to preaching the morning message, I helped put on another kids event.  I think there were close to 20 guests, all non-Christians, including a number of new faces. I’m thankful for God’s blessing on this spiritual bridge-building event!  I’m also thankful for God’s wisdom and energy during a very busy day of ministry! Please pray that Shizuoka Church can build on these relationships and share God’s love with their community.

Meanwhile, I’ve been continuing to work as an assistant for Kelly Shinozawa’s manga ministry.  Just yesterday, I put in a VERY long day doing final edits on the English translation of Manga Genesis, Book 1.  Please pray for this project to give people a greater understanding and appreciation for God’s Word, and a hunger to know more!

In addition to my regular needs, I’d really appreciate your prayers for a couple of specific things in August: Next week is the Immanuel Church’s annual teen camp, “Tonican.”  I’m going to be playing guitar on the worship team, giving a testimony, and helping out however else I’m needed. Please pray for lives to be changed at Tonican this year!

Also, I’m scheduled to preach in Nagoya on August 25. Please pray for me to be able to communicate God’s word clearly in Japanese.

As always, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!  Thank you for being a part of the team,

– Robin

Robin White — Global Partners, Japan