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We’ve Moved

Please go to for the latest on my ministry in Japan.


Weekly Re-Cap

Life has been anything but normal lately. In late December and early January I was, of course, transitioning back to life in Canada and enjoying some downtime over the holiday season. Then, last week I was in Indiana for some training at our missions headquarters. Things have been good, but like I said, anything but normal, and it’s been a bit of an adjustment trying to get back into the swing of things.

This week I’ve been trying to get myself back into some semblance of a regular routine — by getting up and going to bed at reasonable hours, and trying to put in regular work days. I’ve been getting organizing and working on preparations for home ministries. I’ve done OK… but obviously not perfectly, because it’s Saturday and I’ve still got a few things on my to-do list that I’d hoped to get done yesterday but didn’t… and they need to be done before tomorrow. Tomorrow is my first speaking gig of this year’s home ministries tour.

So that’s been my week; just trying to get back into my groove. It’s been a bit of an adjustment coming back to Canada, but trying to get myself into a regular routine this week has helped. It makes me feel more like I actually live here, rather than just an extended visit. And though my heart is still in Japan, home is starting to feel more like home again. And that’s a good thing, I think.

And that’s a wrap for this week.

Website News

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve been doing some work on the site. Here’s what’s new:

1. I’ve finally actually put some stuff on the About page.

2. I’ve updated the Ministry Info page, most notably the Vision and Support Info sub-pages.

3. There’s a new link in the top navigation bar for Schedule. This takes off-site you to a page at the GP website, where you can see my ministry travel schedule for the next while. I’ll be adding more dates before too long; some are already booked but not posted.

4. There’s a Japanese link in the navigation bar now as well. For those that can’t read it, it says “Japanese”. Here I’ll be adding some basic “About” and “Ministry Info” stuff, as well as linking to Japanese posts on the blog.

5. Yesterday I posted this year’s first Photo of the Week, hopefully kick-starting myself back into a more regular blogging routine.

6. I also recently did some “house cleaning” on the blog, fixing some broken video linkage and deleting irrelevant categories and even blog posts. That’s a work in progress, but hopefully will make the archives more easy to navigate, if anyone is so inclined to look at the old stuff.

And… that’s about it.

New Theme

As you can probably see, I’ve updated the theme (appearance) of the blog. I was actually surprised at how simple it was to insert my existing logo into the header area. I still have some tweaking to do with the colour scheme and stuff, but the hope is to merge this with my other blog soon so I don’t have to try to keep two of them up to date (which was actually my original intent when I launched this blog). In the meantime, if you see anything strange or non-functional, don’t worry; I’m working on it.

EDIT: Got more done than I thought I would today — Not just the colour scheming stuff, but adding pages with content imported from JapanLog. Still to do: (1) Figure out how to add the year to the date of individual posts — anyone know how to do this? (2) Add pages for comics and photography stuff; (3) update ministry info, especially “vision” page; (4) fill in “about” page; (5) update links in sidebar; (6) import other blog’s posts; (7) clean up the mess created by #6 (especially redundant posts and too many categories). I may also (8) tweak the logo and (9) add my Twitter feed to the sidebar.
(10) Update RSS feed (Feedburner?).

This post is really here more for me than you. What better place to keep track of my blog’s progress than right here on the blog itself?

Welcome to White Space

Last night after writing the previous post, I tooled around in Photoshop Elements for a while and came up with the new logo you see at the top of the page. Thanks, AJ, for the new name. I like “White Space” because of its multiple interpretations: It has a MySpace/Facebook type sound to it, making it a connecting point. The term is also used in design and art, which goes along well with me and some of the subject matter on this site. And of course, my last night is White, my nickname is Whitey, and this is my space.

Now that I’ve got a name and logo I’m happy with, I can concentrate on content. If you check out the categories and see what I’ve got so far, that will give you an idea of what’s to come. It’ll be a mix of personal reflections and news, cartooning and sketches, as well as occasional cultural stuff, and of course photography. I may also start posting some stuff in Japanese, for practice if nothing else. Feel free to skip those if you don’t read Japanese.

So, welcome to WhiteSpace.