Who am I?

Robin White.  I’m a Canadian living in Japan, where I teach English, make comics and talk about Jesus.

Originally from New Brunswick, Canada, I now make my home in Nagoya, Japan, where I work as a Global Partners missionary. I’m also an artist, and have formerly worked as a graphic designer in a small print shop as well as on a freelance basis. I dabble in photography and music, but out of all the arts my “first love” is comics.

Why Japan?

I first went to Japan in 2002 for a year as an English teacher — not because of any lifelong interest in Japan but simply because the opportunity came my way. But through that experience I gained an appreciation for Japanese culture and a love for the Japanese people. It’s because of that, as well as the great spiritual need, that I am now a full-time missionary to Japan.


To build spiritual bridges in Japan through church partnerships, youth ministry and the creative arts.


Global Partners’ mission is to exalt Jesus Christ by calling and mobilizing believers to global ministries of evangelism, church planting, leadership development, and ministries of compassion. As the international arm of The Wesleyan Church, we celebrate ministry in more than 80 nations, focusing on unreached people groups, assisting existing international churches to strengthen ministry capacity, and helping North American churches know the joy of global ministry.”

In Japan, Global Partners works alongside Immanuel General Mission (IGM), an indigenous Japanese denomination, and World Gospel Mission, an interdenominational missions agency. For more information about these ministries in Japan (from WGM’s point of view), click HERE.


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