July 2013 Prayer Letter

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your prayers for me, my ministry and Japan.  Here’s the latest:

1. Our English ministry in Nagoya is still growing, in spite of not doing any promotion recently.  In June, 3 new people joined my adult classes, and now both the Wednesday and Saturday classes are full — 11 or 12 people! And I’ve been told that 2 new people are coming to check out my Tuesday night class tonight, as well.  Please pray for God’s wisdom and direction as I teach and as I lead this growing ministry.

2. Our monthly English Cafe is this Friday, July 5. Please pray for good conversations and relationship-building.

3. On July 15, we’re hosting a “summer festival” event for our kids’ English class students and their families, and also inviting the kids who attend our Sunday school.  Pray that this lead to deeper relationships between our unchurched students and our church, and that some of those students will start attending our Sunday school.

4. On July 21, I’m scheduled to be in Shizuoka to preach in the morning service and lead a kids’ outreach event.  Pray for God’s help as I prepare and preach my message in Japanese. Pray for the kids’ event to be a good bridge-building event with families in the community.

Again, thanks for your prayers and support!

– Robin

Robin White — Global Partners, Japan


3 thoughts on “July 2013 Prayer Letter

  1. Anonymous

    Great to see your blog updates. How did last Sunday go for you? I hope you felt confident with empowered as you preached in Japanese! It would be great to hear more about that. Can you send a short e-mail with further updates on the English Bible Study you have been leading. Our congregation is very much praying for this group too!
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Pastor George (Milliken W M Church)


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