August 2012 Prayer Letter

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all having a great summer.  I know I am!  August started out with a week’s vacation, thus the lateness of this prayer letter.  I had a great time in Aomori, and now am getting back into the swing of things in Nagoya.

A lot has been going on! Here are some highlights…

On July 15, I was at Immanuel Shizuoka Church, where we held a kids’ outreach event, and 16 kids showed up.  We played games, sang songs, and ate ice cream, and I had the chance to share a short message about God’s love.  These are all kids who don’t normally come to the church, so I’m thankful that so many showed up.  Pray that we can continue to build good relationships with them in the months to come.

On July 22, we held a slightly late Canada Day party at my church in Nagoya, as our summer English Club event.  We had a guest Canadian musician and lots of Canada-themed fun. There was great turn-out: about 40 people total, 14 of whom were from guests who don’t normally attend the church. This included a few of my English students. Praise God that spiritual bridges are being built in Nagoya!

On July 29 and 30, I ministered at Immanuel Toyota Church’s two-day VBS for kids. This event had a smaller attendance, only 5 kids.  But I got to teach 3 messages them and really interact with them and share God’s love.  It was a great two days.

Tomorrow I leave for youth camp in Nagano, where I’ll be playing on the worship team.  Please pray for this week’s youth camp, as teens from all over Japan gather together; and for next week’s Youth Station — an event aimed at young adults taking place in Tokyo — which I’m also taking part in.

As always, thanks for your prayers and support! I really couldn’t do all this without all of you in my corner!

– Robin


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