December Prayer Letter

Thank you for your prayers over the past month.

In November I took a trip to Northeast Japan, where I worked for a few days with a group doing relief and rebuilding work for those affected by the March 11 disasters.  While it was heartbreaking to see so much devastation, and that there is still so much work to do, I was encouraged by the full-timers I met there, and the good work they are doing.  For more on my trip, please see the the previous post on this blog.

With Christmas time fast approching, there is a lot going on in December.  Please be praying with me for the following:

1. Leading worship at prayer meeting — Dec. 14

2. Speaking at Youth Christmas event at Nagoya-Higashi Church — Dec. 17

3. Our annual Christmas celebration / outreach event at Nagoya Church — Dec. 18

4. Traveling to Canada for Christmas! (Dec. 23-Jan. 4)

Thank you for your partnership with me, building spiritual bridges in Japan!  I hope you have a great December and a marry Christmas!

– Robin


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