2 Kings 19:1-19

“…Therefore pray for the remnant that still survives.” (v. 5)

When I see some of the things some of my Japanese Christian friends have to deal with, and when I see how slow and seemingly unfruitful ministry in Japan can be, I’m reminded of the reality of spiritual warfare. It’s not something I think a lot about or really understand, but our enemy is powerful, and sometimes seems to have the upper hand.

In today’s passage, Israel’s enemies had the upper hand. This made them realize their need for prayer. And as Hezikiah pointed out in his prayer, Israel’s God is the true God, the maker of heaven and earth. He sees our suffering, He hears our cries. Most of us don’t recognize the reality of spiritual warfare, or the power of our enemy. But most of us don’t realize the power of prayer, either. Most of us could use more of God’s power in our lives. I know I certainly need it.

Prayer. It seems like too simplistic a solution to be true. But it’s one of the main weapons God has given us. And it is powerful and effective. Therefore pray.


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