Summer Love

Prayer Letter, August 2011

Last night as I took in a Japanese festival and fireworks in nearby Toyota city, I was reminded of how much I love summer in Japan. In spite of the sometime-unbearable heat, I love the sights, sounds and events that summer brings. It’s also one of the busiest times of year for ministry.

The past month has definitely been pretty busy. Last Sunday we held our monthly English Club outreach event, where we enjoyed some outdoor fun, including a huge water fight and some “Suikawari”. Suikawarah is Japanese game that’s a lot like pinata-smashing but played with watermelons. The watermelons were delicious, by the way.

More imporantly, we had a few guests come out to the event, including a non-Christian who’s been coming to my English class since November, but never connected with the church outside of class until now. As part of the event, I shared a short devotional message about knowing God. Over all, a great event.

In addtion to English Club and my usual English classes, I also took part in two different kids’ day camps, one in Numazu, Shizuoka, and the other in Toyota. This was a small milestone for me, as it was my first time doing kids’ ministry in Japanese. As part of my ministry, I gave a short message, aiding by some drawing and discussion. About half of the kids were from un-churched backgrounds, so it was a great opportunity to share the Gospel, and I’m thankful the Lord helped me communicate His love.

Yes, I love summer; it’s a great time to share God’s love.

This month, please pray for:

1. My week off in Osaka (Aug. 2-8)

2. Tonican — our denomination’s annual youth camp (Aug. 16-19), where I’ll be playing on the worship team and helping out however else I can.

3. August’s English Club (Aug. 28) & my English students.

4. My monthly worship leading gig (Aug. 24).

5. God’s direction for the second year of my current term with GP.

As always, thanks for partnering with me in prayer!


– Robin (Aug. 1, 2011)


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