2 Kings 17:1-23

In this passage we see Israel suffering the consequences of their sins, as they are defeated by Assyria and taken into exile. Sometimes when we read the Old Testament, God’s judgements seem really harsh. However, this passage makes it clear that He had warned Israel again and again. This judgement should not have come as a surprise. Although it’s not always as explicitly stated as it is here, every time God judged a nation in the OT, they had already been warned but not repented. It’s also clear that if when a nation — Israel or any other — did repent, He forgave and withheld judgement.

We live in a different time. But each of us, like OT nations, has an opportunity to follow Jesus or disobey; to believe or run away. And God has given us His Word and Spirit to guide us. He’s given us each other as well. His commands are for our own good. Will we hear His warnings today?

Father God, please fill me with Your Spirit again today. Tune my ears to hear Your voice. Help me to listen and obey. Guide me as I live and minister for You this day. Thank You that Your commands are for our good as well as Your glory. Thank You for Your grace. I give this day to You. May I honor You. Amen.


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