2 Kings 5:1-14

I find it interesting that it was a captive slave girl who suggested to Naaman that he go to see Elisha in Israel. It seems like she would have had every reason to resent her master, not want to help him. Yet she, for some reason, wanted his best. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we’d rather not be in. Maybe it’s a job we don’t like, a coworker who’s difficult to get along with, or a noisy neighbor. We could let this lead to bitterness and resentment.

But Jesus calls us to be “salt and light” in those relationships. We can show His love, speaking words of life into the lives of those around us, like the anonymous slave girl who sent her master to the place where he found healing.

Interesting, too, that it was also his servants who convinced Naaman to do what the prophet had told him. God really uses people in humble circumstances. And sometimes people need a little encouragement to take a step of faith. Are we humble enough to let God use us that way? Or, to look at it from Naaman’s point of view, are we humble enough to listen?


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