From Jennifer Gracey’s recent newsletter. This is the same church and location shown in a video I posted recently.

The remains of SeaSide Bible Chapel in the earthquake disaster zone. The people in the photo are leaders from 3 different houses of prayer in the Tokyo area who are working together. This trip took place from June 12-14th. The sign in Japanese says in essence, “there will be revival in Japan and in this place.” As we were told by the pastor of this church and his wife, there were about 600 children who were saved because of the location of the church building. SeaSide Bible Chapel was in the direct path of the tsunami and the elementary school was directly behind the church building. Because the tsunami hit the church first, some of the force of the wave was diminished which meant, it didn’t reach the roof are where the children had evacuated to. If the church building had not been there, the children would have perished. One local citizens’ reported comment was that, “God sacrificed His own temple to save the children.” It is interesting indeed that the cross is the only thing standing in this area save the remains of damaged buildings and a few trees.

(Posted July  6 2011)


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