Numbers 27:1-11

In this passage God gives instructions on how to deal with the passing of a man who leaves no sons behind to inherit his property.  In the specific case mentioned, the property goes to his daughters.  Looking at it from a modern mindset, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.  But at that time it would have been, as women — especially young, single ones — did not have much status in the eyes of society as a whole.

Again and again in Scripture, we see God looking taking care of the “little guy.”  People like widows, orphans, foreigners and others, whom society would have neglected, abandoned or abused.  God cares for “the least of these,” as Jesus called the hungry, thirsty, poor and imprisoned. 

And those of us who follow Christ should care for them as well.  In fact, spiritually speaking, we’ve all been “the least of these,” in one way or another, at some time in our lives.  We all need God’s grace. Let’s be sure to not only receive, but to share it as well.


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