Psalm 105:1-23

“Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.” (vs. 4)

Here, seeking the Lord and seeking His strength are stated as though they’re one and the same thing. Worshiping God and receiving the strength we need to serve Him go hand-in-hand. When I am weakest, it is usually a sign that I have not been seeking Him.  And as this verse reminds me, I need to seek Him always.

Seeking God isn’t just about our private devotional life or public church activities. It’s about our everyday work and play as well.  What if, before doing anything, we asked ourselves “Can I seek God through this?” “Can I do this as an act of worship?” “Can I invite God into this?” Maybe then we wouldn’t waste so much time on things that pull our focus away from Him.

Lord, please keep reminding me to seek You always.


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