Mark 14:53-72

“Peter followed him at a distance…” (vs. 54)

Peter followed the captive Jesus right into the high priest’s court yard? Why? He obviously didn’t come to Jesus’ defense, and in fact ended up denying he even knew Christ. The other disciples had run away, but Peter followed… at a distance.

Sometimes we want to follow Christ at a distance, too. We want Him to be part of our lives, but not have all of our lives. We serve Him on Sunday, but deny Him with our lives the rest of the week. We don’t talk about Him outside of church, or we don’t let Him guide our decisions in everyday life. Why?

Lord, sometimes I am like Peter. I want to follow You, but I want to keep a safe distance, too. And when cornered, I deny You. Jesus, I want You to have all of my life, not just be a part of it.


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