April Prayer Letter

Thank you for praying for Japan! And thanks for the encouraging messages many of you have sent me in the past few weeks. I haven’t been able to respond to all you individually, but rest assured your emails were read and appreciated.

The week following the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, I went to help out at the CRASH (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope) Tohoku Relief command center in Tokyo. I was there for just over a week before retuning to my responsibilities in Nagoya. Honestly, it has been tough to go on with “business as usual.”  The need in the affected area is so great that I keep wishing I could do more. But I’ve come to realize that the biggest need right now in Japan — all of Japan — is for hope. Here in Nagoya we are safely hundreds of kilometres away from the disaster area, but we are definitely feeling the affects. Almost every conversation seems to turn to the topic of the Tohoku disaster. Many are heartbroken; many are worried and scared.

This past Saturday, I had a new student visiting my English class. After class, he and I went out for lunch. He expressed a sense fear and worry after all that has happened in Japan recently, wishing he could move abroad and escape the risk of earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disasters. I was able to tell him that I wasn’t worried or afraid because I believe in God. It was a small thing, but I never would have had that opportunity if I had canceled all my English classes to go help with the relief efforts.

We who know Christ are heartbroken over all that has happened, too. The difference is that we do not mourn without hope.

While it is tragic that it had to happen this way, I get the sense that this could be the event that God uses to bring about a much-needed spiritual breakthrough in Japan. Please pray that God will indeed use this tragedy for that greater good.  And pray for me, too, that I will know how to minister effectively in the current climate. Pray especially for my work with the Nagoya-Higashi Church youth on April 9, and the English Club even here at the Nagoya Church on April 24 (Easter Sunday). Pray that I can clearly convey a message of hope and salvation in Christ.

As I said, the need in North-Eastern Japan is still great. Pray for the still-unresolved situation at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, for the people in the affected areas, and for the ongoing relief efforts. If you would like to help out financially, I would highly recommend giving to CRASH. You can visit their website (www.crashjapan.com) for more info, and check out my blog (www.japanlog.tumblr.com) for more on my experiences with them.

Thank you so much for your partnership in my ministry to Japan!

– Robin

(posted Mar. 31, ‘11)


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