Numbers 15:17-31

When I read the Old Testament Law, it always seems so complicated. There seems to be a rule about everything. Of course, positive side of that is that God cares about every aspect of our lives. His love is thorough, desiring to do a good work in ever little part of our lives. This is something to be thankful for.

In Numbers 15, God outlines different kinds of sacrifices for different kinds of sin; intentional and unintentional. There are other sacrifices explained in other parts of the Law as well. As I said: complicated. But sin runs deep and needs to be dealt with.

The good news is, Jesus Christ came to replace all of those sacrifices with His own. Jesus is the ONE sacrifice that covers ALL of our sins — intentional and unintentional, seen and unseen, past, present and future. ALL are covered by Christ’s ONE sacrifice. It’s thorough, touching every area of our lives.

Thank you, Lord, that You care about every area of our lives. Thank You that made a way through Jesus to deal with sin and the effects of sin in every part of us. Thank You for forgiveness, thank You for cleansing. Help me to not take it for granted today. Help me to walk in the light of Your love today. Amen.

God’s love is thorough.


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