Current Plans

Thanks again, everyone, for all your prayers, notes of encouragement and thoughts during this time. I thought I should post another update, though I don’t feel there’s much new to say at the moment. Here’s a numbered list of what’s going on:

1. It was really good to be with my church family today. We are physically unaffected here in Nagoya but our hearts are heavy and many of us are wondering how we can help. A good time of intercessory prayer this afternoon.

2. The IGM annual conference is going ahead as planned Tuesday-Thursday. Dr. Joanne Lyon, GS of the Wesleyan Church was scheduled to be the speaker, but had to cancel because her flight was canceled.

3. I’m planning to go to the conference, and stopping in Tokyo on the way back to help with the relief effort there. Not sure how long I can get away from my normal responsibilities, but even if I can just stay a day or two I can least help them get things rolling or give one of the full-timers a break. There is also the possibility of helping the  communications team from here in Nagoya.

I’ll try to send out another update when my plans are more concrete. Thanks again. Keep praying.

(Sun. Mar. 13 2011)


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