Numbers 4

In this passage, the different clans and families of the Levites received their work assignments for the care of the tabernacle. This does not make for very exciting reading, but there is a lesson to be learned here: everybody had a part to play; each part was important.

I’m reminded of the New Testament teaching that we, the Church, are the Body of Christ. Each of has a unique and important role to play in service to the Kingdom, just as the different parts of a human body has a specific purpose. And while some roles are not very exciting or glamorous, each role is important. Each person is important. God loves us as a body and as individual parts. Let’s not forget that love. Let’s encourage each other as we work together for His Kingdom.

And let’s do the work. Let’s BE the Church, Christ’s Body in the world today. Together we are so much more than on our own.


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