February Prayer Letter

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support this past month. I hope you’ve all been doing well and staying warm. I’ve had a good month getting back into the swing of things after the holidays. Here’s what’s been going on…

My weekly English classes are continuing to go well. We now have 10 students in the Wednesday class and 8 in the Saturday one, and over half are people from outside the church. Our monthly English Club had a smaller crowd this month, partly due to the unusually snowy weather that day, but it was a diverse and fun crowd, a couple of whom were visitors. I also had the opportunity to lead worship at our church. I’ve been asked to do this once a month from now on, which will be good challenge, and help me stretch my ability to do ministry in Japanese.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on some planning and preparing for the year to come, including a new kids’ English class. Things also continue to move forward in the manga ministry project I am a part of. I hope to have some exciting things to announce about this in the next month or two.

Please pray with me this month for the following things:

1. Please pray that these English ministries will continue to help the Nagoya Church connect with unchurched people in our community.
2. Please pray particularly that we can find ways to promote and make the English Club grow, as it is at this event that many may hear the Gospel for the first time.
3. Also, as I mentioned, we are starting a class for kids in March, so pray that preparations and prmotions throughout February go well.
4. Please pray for me as I prepare this week and lead worship next Wednesday.
5. The manga project: please pray for that and the many details we’re working out.
6. Finally, pray that God will help me meet new Christian friends outside of church events and activities.

Thank you!

– Robin

(posted Feb. 1, 2011)


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