December Prayer Letter

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you so much for your prayers over the past month! I have been busy, but really enjoying life and ministry in Japan.

In November we launched our new English ministries at the Nagoya Church. I’m currently teaching two weekly classes. Both classes started out so small, I was tempted to combine the two into one. But at the last minute we had a couple of new sign-ups, so I decided to keep them separate. Then, over the weeks, the numbers have continued to grow. Now we have 12 people coming regularly, 7 of whom are non-Christians from outside the church! I’m thankful for the bridges that are beginning to be built through these classes.

Our first monthly English Club event was held this Sunday and was well-attended, with over 20 people. Most were regular attenders of the church, but I’m confident that as this ministry grows we will see more of our non-Christian friends taking part. Please pray that both the weekly classes and these monthly events will be used to sew seeds of God’s love in people’s hearts.

Other highlights this month included leading worship at prayer meeting on the 17th, here in Nagoya; at that time I also gave a short message in Japanese. On Sunday the 21st, I preached at the Hikone Immanuel Church (in English with an interpreter). Both opportunities went well, so thanks for praying.

Here are some specific things you can pray about in December:

1. This Saturday (the 4th) I’m taking part in a youth group meeting at the Nagoya-Higashi Immanuel Church. The pastor tells me there will be about 10-13 students, ALL of whom are non-church kids. Pray for me as I minister through song and testimony, and pray that I make a good connection with them for the sake of future ministry there.

2. On December 19, my own church will be holding its Christmas celebrations. Pray that many of our non-Christian friends will come and be drawn to the Lord through this event.

3. On December 23, I’m ministering through music and testimony at another Christmas event in Shizuoka, at the Immanuel Numazu Church. Pray for God to use me there as well.

4. Please also be in prayer for my Japanese studies. I’m finishing up another term at the YWCA and have already reached the highest level offered at this school. I’m currently considering other options for continuing my studies: A different school? Private or group lessons? Etc.

Again, thank you for praying for and supporting me as I work with the Church to build spiritual bridges in Japan! Have a great December!

– robin


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