August Update

Hi everyone,

My home ministries for this term have come to an end after several months of busy travel, ministry and support raising. I’ve lost track of just how many places I’ve been and churches I’ve connected with since January, but I’m thankful to say I’ve had safe travel and good experiences everywhere I’ve gone. I’m sure your prayers have played a big part in that — so THANK YOU!

I had been hoping to be back in Japan within the first couple of weeks of August. But it looks like it will be mid-to-late-August before I have my work visa. Please PRAY for the visa application process to go quickly and smoothly, and that God will bless this extra few weeks at home.

Meanwhile, in early August the Immanuel Church of Japan is holding couple of big events: Youth Station (Aug. 10-13) is a youth/young adults rally being held in Yokohama. Tonicam (Aug. 17-20) is our summer teen camp. People from all over Japan will be coming to these events. Please PRAY for safe travel, open hearts and changed lives.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support!

– robin

(posted August 2 2010)


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