Sufferin’ in Suffern

OK, I’m not suffering… but I AM in Suffern, NY… and trying unsuccessfully to be clever, it would seem. Here’s a list-form update of recent happenings:

1. I was at Beulah Camp for about a week, where I caught up with bunches of people, heard some good preaching and music, and was ordained as a minister in the Wesleyan church. I also got to share briefly about our ministry in Japan during one of the missions moments.

2. I traveled to PA, where I spoke at a supporting church this past Sunday. My former youth paster is the pastor there now, so I had a good time catching up with him and the family. And a ministry team from Bethany Bible College did the worship music for the service. It was good hanging out with them, too.

3. Tuesday I traveled to NY, where I’m staying with friends here in Suffern before heading to Syracuse tomorrow for some ministry there on Sunday. One more night here, so we’re heading into New York City for some fun. I’m also craving some New York pizza.

4. Monday I’ll be heading to Delaware, where I’ll be hanging out for about a week. Next weekend I’ve got another camp and two churches in that area to minister and support raise at.

5. Then, around the 27th I’ll be back in NB to prepare to go back to Japan (Lord willing) in early August.

Continued prayers are much appreciated!

(posted on July 16, 2010)


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