Support Update

I don’t like for every post on this blog to be about financial support, but that’s the phase of ministry I’m in right now, so…

I just checked my totals this morning and it looks like I’ve reached the 90% mark towards my faith promise goal. I’m expecting a commitment from at least one other church, so it’s probably safe to say I’m actually over 90% already.

Meanwhile, I received an email from my pastor in Nagoya, telling me that the church may have a room for me after all. It needs some renovations before it’s “livable”, so I will need to pay rent… but it will be half (or less) of what I would have paid for an outside apartment. It also means that I may not need to raise that start-up fund after all, or at least that it will be less, because there will be less up-front costs involved.  This is good news.

If anyone’s been thinking of joining my support team, now would be a great time. I need that last 10% to come in quickly if I’m to get to Japan by August. Check out the Support page for more info.

(Posted Tuesday, June 8, 2010)


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