Why Japan? (Video Answer)

This video will give you a look at Japan through the eyes of a Japanese Christian. I found it on Facebook today, and felt like I had to share it here because it will give people an answer to the question “why Japan?” Yes, I love the culture and the people. But I also see a nation in great spiritual need. And the only source of hope I know is Jesus. If you believe, please pray for Japan.


One thought on “Why Japan? (Video Answer)

  1. Son of Moriah

    Something new in the approach to evangelization in Japan HAS TO happen.

    The way we have been doing it is not very effective, or else God just is not blessing the work here.
    We must assume the first.

    I believe it is Vital for the Japanese Church to become Japanese…and not little outposts of the US or what ever missionary nation they are associated with

    The Japanese church need desperately to stop being a contradiction to their society in every sense that is not a violation of Christian truths.
    No one wants to join a religion that appears to have nothing to do with them just to become the smoke in society’s eyes.
    Sure they can not go down to the Jinja and Clap their hands and say a prayer…

    But Why can their churches not look Japanese. Why can Japan not develop a Japanese style of Church Building Just like Russia did etc. Why can’t Japanese create fun festivals that take core elements of Japanese culture to be a part of their Worthship of God. Why not have Shamisen music and Christian Taiko drumming. And BE the Very Best at it. Mr Donut as non Japanese as you can get carefully advertise their products with Women in Kimono and Green tea selling an absolute lie that you are Japanese if you eat Donuts…many other Non Japanese products do this and are adopted…..but not the Church.

    Why not Japanese Christians Run Major Hanami events hosting them. Why can they not some how make it an event in which God can be honored for his Beautiful creation.

    Or how about Obon. That is Bhuddist in origin. but how about we make it a time to remember those who have gone before us to but in a way that clearly defys any false concepts.

    Christmas is remembered as an event that marks Christ’s birth. Ancients used to celebrate his birth in March or April in Egypt prior to the festival we have on its present date. This date was the festival of ‘the unconquered sun’ “Sola Invictus” in ancient Rome. Christians seized that opportunity and as they could not worship freely safely and remembered the one who made the sun…until a few centuries past and they then had conquered Rome that would have loved to exterminate them. a few numb skulls try to make out it is just hidden mithraism or such but the reality is that religion no longer exists and Christ’s birth is remembered.

    Why not we remember the martyrs of the church in Japan. Very publicly?.. Catholic and PROTESTANT alike. You don’t have to be Catholic to grieve the martyrs deaths nor even Christian to reflect on the wrongs done against them. There are Thousands and thousands of them who died Crucified Bled upside down thrown in Volcanoes to burn…all for this our God and all Japans God’s message…and that in only the last few hundred years. Why not we have a street festival like shrines do carrying some symbol of our faith …and make them fun as well and invite the kids of the neighborhood and build memorials to the martyrs that are not cold stone rocks but that look Japanese. What about a major tourism worthy site that Christians visit with thousands of ever burning lanterns that burn day and night as a memorial to the Dead Japanese Christians! Why not have an “all saints day” instead of letting Foreign anti-Christianized festivals like Halloween in which even Human sacrifice would once occur dominate another country. Lets celebrate the Japanese Brave of the faith. Lets reach out and honour the children of the Kakure Kirishitan…they must have an interest in their roots.

    And also why don’t we engage with the locals on their festivals that have linkages to the religion of the Bible. Up and down the country Japan has festivals that relate to the Bible religion of Asherah worship and all sorts of Hebrew festivals.
    That is a great opportunity to explain to them how it and they got here.

    Jews came to Japan and are infused in this population if not a major part of its culture….why not show them that they are actually part of the people from which The Savior and Christianity came from rather than being to whom a foreigners religion (Which it is not) is being forced on them.

    Asherah or hashira in Japanese relates to ancient fertility religions that go back to the times of Israel. The bible talks of them and their Asherah poles (groves) which represent a rather male piece of anatomy. God sent Jews to the end of the earth to punish them for that…hence the religion got here.

    In Suwa Tomorrow April 15th there is an ancient ritual with over 1200years history and according to the locals though they can’t prove it with records far longer.
    It is called Ontosai.
    It is a festival in which a young lad was tied put on some wood that after traveling on a donkey the taisha’s priest would raise a knife as if to kill him and then would relent as another would say don’t kill the boy, the God of Mt Moriah has provided a sacrifice. At which he would be substituted for a deer that has a ripped ear showing that it had been caught in the bushes and not caught.
    That animal would be sacrificed. along with another 74. This was a state protected act in times when meat eating was forbidden. They have an ancient permit from the bakufu government stating that it is a crime in all Japan but not in Suwa to do this.

    And you can climb Mt Moriah (not the one in Jerusalem) and if you can’t pick up what that story is about it is the story of the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis. You likely have heard of this before (Look up Kubo Arimasa and Jew if you haven’t). Also interesting is the date they chose; the 15th of the month that would be closest to the ancient Jewish first month of the year and the date of the Jewish Passover!

    The Gion Festival also clearly mirrors Jewish tradition and in Kyoto the city with the ancient name that means the same as Jerusalem or City of Peace…it can not be overlooked. Its timing and all sorts of things show its alignment with the Jewish religious calendar. Not to mention Gion is almost identical to the Jewish pronunciation of Zion.
    A whole heap of Japanese is identical to Hebrew also….it’s in its numbers its words and even some characters reflect Hebrew.

    The Royal family too their earliest genealogy matches that of Abraham Isaac and Jacobs. Their Meiji Crest is on the stone of Jerusalem to this day! Sumo wrestling too in its original form was a one man fight reflecting the fight between Man and God or rather the famous fight between Jacob and the Angel of the lord. Look it up on You Tube.

    I propose we face up at these festivals and events and almost celebrate with them. Make a confident high profile public proclamation of Japans roots and identity and the meaning of their ancient Jewish roots fill them in on what a great heritage they had and lost when they came here in defiance of God and that they can reclaim that heritage in Christ. (Firstly well planned and thought out as to presentation and supported by a wide group (100’s) of churches not a ‘tin pot’ attempt. We need to gather an oversight committee of competent Japanese leaders to gather together the information for such a presentation and formulate the best method of communicating it and build a whole support framework for its credibility before its presentation. Supporting research evidence clarified and referenced Publications prepared experts briefed and quoted and ready to answer. and them proclaim it to the Church and then to the nation… not in the church….On bill boards at famous events and sites. On TV shows.

    From my experience Japanese Christians run a fairly Kakure style attempt to evangelize.
    It would not be good to start western style evangelism and that is not what I suggest…But a Japanese as Japanese can be appeal to Japanese by Japanese to meet with and reconnect with their roots…and we can then get a some skin back on this nation of Dry bones.

    What do you think of that…?

    Not all details of my thoughts are here but I think you will get my general idea.


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