April Prayer Letter

Sorry for the lack of regular blogging the past few days. If you haven’t seen it yet, though, you should scroll down to the previous post and check out the Waidaiko/Gospel fusion video, because it’s awesome. I may have some more Japan-related video content later this week, but in the meantime, I wanted to post my April prayer letter. I sent this via email last week, but hadn’t posted it here yet. So here it is:

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter!

March has been a pretty crazy month, but a good month over all. It’s been physically tiring but spiritually refreshing. Thank you for praying!

I’ve been traveling a lot. I had the opportunity to minister in 5 churches in 3 provinces. It’s been great re-connecting with friends and supporters, sharing my testimony and vision, and building my support team.

I also had a friend visit from Japan for about a week. Kenji is a member of my church in Nagoya, Japan, and one of my closest friends there. We had a great time doing ministry together, sight-seeing and just hanging out. For more details on his visit, check out this recent post on my blog:


Please keep praying with me about the following…

1. Thank God for safe travel, and pray for His continued protection in the months to come. By the way, you can see where I’ll be in the next little while by viewing my schedule here:


2. Pray that God will continue to build my support team.

3. The Immanuel Church (our Japanese denomination) recently held their Annual Conference. Among other things, this is when pastors receive their new assignments. Please pray for the pastors, families and churches going through transitions at this time. Pray for Pastor Uchiyama at my church in Nagoya, as he takes on the added responsibility of pastoring the Gifu Immanuel Church as well.

4. Pray for Japan: For more missionaries, for Japanese Christians to accept God’s call into ministry, and for God to draw the lost to Himself. Japan needs the hope that only Jesus Christ can bring them!

Your prayers during this home ministries season are much appreciated! I hope you have a great weekend as we celebrate the victory won by our risen Saviour!

– robin


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