Weekly Re-Cap

I almost forgot to do this. This week…

1. I had a busy Sunday of ministry in Digby and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It was a good time of re-connecting and team building.

2. I spent a couple of days in Halifax visiting some of my favorite people. Really fun and refreshing.

3. I had a really productive day yesterday, catching up on office work and errands, both ministry-related and personal.

4. I’ve been working on setting up my new art computer (a Mac mini with a Wacom Cintiq tablet monitor, to be used for primarily for creative work) and cleaning up my MacBook (the laptop I’ll continue to use for general everyday computing). This has involved installing and uninstalling, uploading and downloading, and lots of waiting for the machines to do their thing.

5. Today I spent some time drawing and coloring on the new art Mac, trying to get used to working digitally. I think when I’ve gotten past the initial learning curve, it will make for a cleaner art style and a faster work flow. And working faster is a good thing, as I plan on this being part of my ministry, not just a hobby anymore.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Looking forward to the next couple of crazy weeks…


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