Weekly Re-Cap

I don’t have very much to talk about this week. Over 3 weeks ago, I caught a cold. Last week I thought I was getting over it, but it seemed to start making a comeback by the weekend. So I went to the doctor, and it turns out I have a sinus infection. So this week I’ve been trying to take it easy, and haven’t been very productive.

I’m scheduled to go to Nova Scotia again this weekend to visit two churches. Just like the previous time, the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Right now I’m in wait-and-see mode, wondering if I’ll even be able to make the trip. It’s only four hours if I go by boat, but the boat’s not running today. If it’s running tomorrow, great. If not, it’s about an 8-hour drive, and we may still be in the middle of a blizzard. I’d hate to have to reschedule at this point, but…


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