Weekly Re-Cap

I’m writing today from a boat somewhere in the Bay of Funday between Saint John, New Brunswick and Digby, Nova Scotia. I’ll be in Nova Scotia for a little more than a week, visiting several churches and re-connecting with supporters and friends. It’s going to be busy, especially the next three days, but I’m hoping for a productive and fruitful trip.

So this week I’ve spent a lot of time getting ready. Since it’s my first big road trip this year, that meant some extra preparations, from presentation to PowerPoint to printed materials. Not to mention figuring getting directions and other logistical stuff.

Last night I got to visit with some friends along the way, which was really nice. The guy I stayed with — a guy I went to college with — is a fellow missionary, although with another organization and working in another part of the world. Since we’ve both hopped around the world a few times since college, we haven’t crossed paths very much, but we have kept in touch, and it was nice to re-connect in person for the first time a couple of years.

There will no doubt be many of those kind of meetings over the next few months as I travel around. This is one of the nice things about being back in Canada.

One of the not-so-nice things, sometimes, is the weather. It’s a stormy weekend, I’m on a boat, we’re behind schedule, and it hasn’t exactly been a smooth ride…

And that’s a wrap.


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