Weekly Re-Cap

This past week, this term’s “finals” began: Final meeting with the pastor who has been my internship mentor. Final young adults prayer meeting. Final Japanese class (not including this Tuesday’s test). And today was my final ministry event, the bi-lingual Christmas party I hosted as an outreach at my church.

The coming week has more finals on tap: Final Wednesday night prayer meeting, final Japanese test, final chance to hang out with former classmates and church friends, and final worship service in Nagoya.

Final… for now, anyway.

I’d appreciate your prayers during this time of transition. I’ve come to feel very much at home here. I’ve gotten used to the Japanese language and to life in Japan. I’ve come to love this city and these people. And, although I’m looking forward to re-connecting with friends, family and supporters back in North America, it’s not easy to say goodbye. Or even “see you later”, since I’m not sure how much later later will be. And living in the West again will be an adjustment. Please pray that I adjust well.

And that’s a wrap for this week.


One thought on “Weekly Re-Cap

  1. Eric Beavers

    It has been fun watching Missionary Z readjust to life here in the west. The other night he met me for dinner at a restaurant that we used to frequent. I found it humorous when he admitted he got lost trying to find the place.


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