Another Slightly-Late Weekly Re-Cap…

… But then again, to my mind, Sunday feels like the end of the week anyway. Anyway, here’s some highlights and stuff from the past week:

1. We had both a wedding and a funeral at our church.

2. I spent some extra time studying, in an attempt to get caught up.

3. I started the process of packing up my room. My book shelves look sad when they’re so empty…

4. I helped decorate the church for Christmas yesterday.

5. I taught my second-to-last English class this afternoon at church.

This week looks to be very busy. I’ve got 2 more Japanese classes, a Christmas event next Sunday to prepare for, as well as continuing to pack my room up and prepare for home ministries. Of course there are lots of people to try to connect with this week and next before leaving. Prayers during this transition time are much appreciated.


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