Weekly Re-Cap

This week…

1. On Sunday I preached at the Gifu Immanuel Church. I’ve been there a few times and this was my last Sunday with them before returning to Canada. So we had lunch together, and I received some farewell gifts and many kind words.

2. Returning to Nagoya, we had band practice for this coming Sunday’s worship time, and I got to enjoy spending time with my home church friends.

3. I had a pretty productive week, catching up on some of my missions internship work, home ministry prep, and preliminary plans for the Christmas event I’m hosting in early December.

4. I met up for dinner the other night with a bunch of other ex-pat Christians. It was fun and refreshing, and the food was good too. (Can you say “Old Spaghetti Factory”?)

5. I met with my pastor today to talk about my future in Japan. I’m super thankful he has a good sense of humor, and is so patient with my very limited Japanese. Many things were discussed, and I’m looking forward to working together in the years to come, as God allows.

6. I’ve been enjoying my new Japanese class, too, though with all the other stuff on my plate, it’s hard to keep up, even though the class is only part-time.

This coming week, Sunday will be super busy with ministry, and then I’m off to Tokyo on Monday for an important meeting with the Immanuel Wesleyan Federation (our 3-way church/missions partnership in Japan). Then it’ll be back to Nagoya for the “normal” (whatever that means) study and ministry related stuff.

Also: I’m scheduled to return to Canada one month from tomorrow! Crazy.

Prayers are much appreciated during this busy season of ministry and transition.

And that’s a wrap for this week.


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