November Prayer Letter

At  Atzuchi Castle near Hikone

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your prayers for me during this season of ministry. The young adults retreat in October went really well, and I had a good time ministering in music and testimony in Japanese at the Immanuel Toyota Church a couple of weeks ago, too.

This past weekend I visited the town of Hikone, about 1 1/2 hours by car from here, to do some preaching and music ministry at the Immanuel Church there. The former assistant pastor of the Nagoya Church is now pastoring there, so it was great to have the excuse to visit and catch up with him one last time before I return to Canada next month.

The message I preached on Sunday was called “The Heart of Worship”, and was about what true, authentic worship looks like. We didn’t plan it this way, but Pastor Hirase told me that this message was really well-timed, and that it went along with the series of messages he has been preaching there.

It was well-timed for me, personally, as well. It can be so easy to go through the motions on a Sunday morning, especially since my church is Japanese and I only understand half of what is said. It can be easy, too, in the busyness of life, to rush through my devotional time and not really worship God on my own. So preparing for and preaching this message was a good reminder for me to stay focused on God and really worship Him, both on Sundays and in my daily life.

So I’m thankful this week for the way God is using me, and for the things He’s teaching me along the way. And I’m thankful for you, my supporters, for helping to make this possible.

Please pray with me for the following:

– For my ministry: I’m preaching & singing again this coming Sunday (Nov. 8) in Gifu City. The following week (Nov. 15) I’m doing a testimony & song in Japanese at my own church in Nagoya.

– For my language studies & daily communication in Japanese.

– For the planning I’m doing now for home ministries & my next term in Japan.

On a related note, I need to start booking dates to speak at churches back in North America in the new year. If you are a pastor or missions director and interested in having me visit, please let me know.

Again, as always, thank you praying and giving! And remember, “Prayer is not preparation for the work. Prayer is the work.” (Oswald Chambers)


Note: The above photo was taken at Atzuchi Castle near Hikone. See the previous next post for more photos from recent events and travels.


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