Weekly Re-Cap… Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

It’s been a while, but maybe I should bring back the weekly re-cap… What do you think? Here we go… Some of the week’s happenings and thoughts, along with some things to come:

1. I got a new water heater today. Apparently my old one was death waiting to happen. My new water heater is much nicer. It’s shiny, it has more buttons… and it talks to me. Funny thing is, I’ve been in Japan long enough that that doesn’t really seem that odd to me.

2. Had a good time at the Toyota Church this past Sunday. Gave a testimony in Japanese, sang a couple of song, had a meal together with some Q & A, and as usual was treated with great Japanese hospitality.

3. Tomorrow I’m taking off to Hikone with a couple of friends. Our former assistant pastor — Hirase — is now pastoring there, and I’m scheduled to be the guest speaker / music guy on Sunday. Two friends from the Nagoya Church are coming with me, just for tomorrow, to join me in a visit with Hirase. Should be a good time.

4. Over at Doodze.com, my webcomic site, the final page of the first chapter of Doodze has been posted, along with a rather long and rambling reflection on the process of creating the comic thus far. If you’re a creative type, you might want to read that blog post. If not, it would still be cool if you read the comic. It’s less rambling.

Speaking being less rambling, I’m going to end this post now. That’s a wrap.


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