The Problem With Being Creative

I did an “archive dive” of my old blog (not this one, but this one) tonight, looking for something I wrote way back when. I found two things I wrote back in 2006 (when I was still in Canada preparing to come to Japan as a missionary). I thought these were worth re-visiting because they seem to have fresh relevance as I end my first 2-year term with GP and dream about the future.

Here’s the first one, dated December 9, 2006, and titled The Problem With Being Creative:

Some of you may be wondering how a guy like me — working in retail as well as being busy doing the missionary support raising thing — has time for stuff like blogging, web design and particularly SkitZo MaN. The answer is a three-parter:

One, I think too many people kill themselves doing “good things” and then end up being no good to anyone. I don’t want to be one of those guys. And there are a lot of those guys in ministry, since it’s so easy to justify doing too much “for the Lord”. So, I may be busy, but I refuse to burn myself by not taking time out to just “be”. This includes time with God, resting, friends and of course being creative.

Secondly, I have this dream that my ministry side and my creative side will someday come together into one “big picture”. In the meantime I want to continue developing my talents. More on this in another post…

Thirdly, I can’t not be creative. If it wasn’t SkitZo MaN, it would be something else. Unless you’re some kind of artistic type yourself you’ll probably not understand. Creative people create. We must. It’s who we are.

Take tonight for example: I was trying to read but I couldn’t. My mind kept wandering. I’ve been dreaming up some new ideas and sometimes they come to the surface at the most inconvenient times. I’ve got more ideas than I know what to do with.

And that’s the problem with being creative: In a way, it’s something that can’t be controlled. And yet, you know, sometimes we actually don’t have time.

But we have to make time. God’s given all of us (not just us “artsy fartsy” types, but all of us) talents and gift. We honour Him when we use them and enjoy them and bless other people with them. We dishonour Him — and ourselves — when we waste them.

Next time: The Problem With Being a Dreamer

I still agree with most of what I said, if not how I said it. And I’m still dreaming about that “big picture” I mentioned. Not only that, but I feel as if I’m getting closer to actually getting there. And that’s encouraging.


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