Tuesday Night Post-Vacation Brain Dump

Random thoughts and recent happenings, unloaded from my brain to your computer monitor for convenient digestion:

1. Yes, there was an earthquake today, but not strong enough to do any serious damage to people or property. So for those of you wondering, I’m OK. Having said that, it was strong enough to wake me up at about 5 AM, lasted a good minute or so, and knocked some stuff off my shelf; so it was kind of scary. But again, no worries; I’m OK.

2. I just got back Sunday night from vacation. I spent most of last week with friends in a small cabin at a camp ground near the ocean, not too far from the city of Sendai. But I was also in Fukushima and Tokyo at other points during the break. It was very relaxing and fun.

3. It was good to get away. But it’s good to be back home in Nagoya now, too. And really cool to feel “at home” even though I’m so far from my home-home.

4. I’m going away again this Thursday, this time for ministry purposes. I’ll be taking part in our area’s holiness meetings. I’ve been asked to do some music and a testimony. I’m going to attempt to do the testimony in Japanese, which means it will be very short. It also means that I’d appreciate any extra prayers you want to pray on my behalf.

5. I don’t go back to school ’till September. It’s nice to be away from the daily grind of language school. But I’m hoping to use the time productively in terms of study, work and ministry stuff. Today was a good start to that. Also looking forward to spending more time with my Church Family at upcoming ministry stuff. Should be a fun rest-of-month.

Bye for now.


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