New Theme

As you can probably see, I’ve updated the theme (appearance) of the blog. I was actually surprised at how simple it was to insert my existing logo into the header area. I still have some tweaking to do with the colour scheme and stuff, but the hope is to merge this with my other blog soon so I don’t have to try to keep two of them up to date (which was actually my original intent when I launched this blog). In the meantime, if you see anything strange or non-functional, don’t worry; I’m working on it.

EDIT: Got more done than I thought I would today — Not just the colour scheming stuff, but adding pages with content imported from JapanLog. Still to do: (1) Figure out how to add the year to the date of individual posts — anyone know how to do this? (2) Add pages for comics and photography stuff; (3) update ministry info, especially “vision” page; (4) fill in “about” page; (5) update links in sidebar; (6) import other blog’s posts; (7) clean up the mess created by #6 (especially redundant posts and too many categories). I may also (8) tweak the logo and (9) add my Twitter feed to the sidebar.
(10) Update RSS feed (Feedburner?).

This post is really here more for me than you. What better place to keep track of my blog’s progress than right here on the blog itself?


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