A "Because I Can't Sleep" Brain Dump

Tried to go to sleep early tonight. Like 10:30. It didn’t work. So here it is, 11:20, and I’m blogging for a change of pace from that. Some thoughts:

1. Just finished a great week with a couple of Canadian friends visiting me here in Japan for some travel and ministry. It was really tiring… but at the same time refreshing. We shared a lot of laughs, had some great ministry experiences, and learned some stuff too. I felt blessed by the experience.

2. I’m really in love with my church here. They made me proud with the hospitality they showed by Canadian Brothers, and with how they stepped up to the plate to partner with us in some ministries this past week. Sometimes I think I could stay here in Nagoya with them forever.

3. Meanwhile (on a more superficial note) back in the West, the season finale of Lost aired this week. I’m not all caught up yet, so don’t tell me how it ends. It’s been an interesting season, though, with some really good writing. I wasn’t sure when this year’s started, but it’s turned out to have been a good ride. I’m hoping it ended on a good note. Only one season left after this.

4. I have some catching up to do: on studies, on work stuff, and on the personal/creative front, too. No time to get bored these days… and lots of reason to work on my time management skills. Which always need work. I’m easily distracted. What was I saying?

5. I have way too many photos to sort through, edit and share. Like 400+ from the past week alone (including some I got from others, not just my own). And like a zillion (that’s right, a zillion) from the previous few months. I need like a month off just for that. But instead it’ll probably end up being a “a little at a time” project…

6. Speaking of projects, the Doodze webcomic has been put on hiatus due to my recent bout of busyness. I do hope to get back to it soon, when I have some free time, but I probably won’t start posting right away. Instead I’ll work on building a buffer, some lettering fixes on previous pages, and getting the official site ready to launch.


One thought on “A "Because I Can't Sleep" Brain Dump

  1. aj

    It’s old news now but if you have never read “Getting Things Done” by David Allen you should check it out. It’s been the biggest help to me with time management stuff.


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