Saturday Night Brain Dump

1. I am officially on spring break from school. However, I decided not to take off somewhere and use up my vacation time. Instead, I’ve been using the time to do some much-need Japanese review. It’s great to have the extra time to study alone and to focus on the things that I have the most trouble with.

2. I’ve also been cleaning house, planning for a visiting short-term mission team (and by “team” I mean two people) and generally just getting caught up on stuff, while at the same time taking it slower than usual. It’s great when you can be productive but not feel rushed all the time, eh?

3. Tonight I’ve been pre-posting some stuff here on the blog. I’ve got weekly SkitZo MaN posts lined up from now ’till June. That’s right — June. Of course it helps that this is stuff I’m re-running…

4. This coming week I’m going to be in Yokohama for the church’s annual conference (nenkai). That means four days in a row wearing a suit. But it also means a good time of connecting with Believers from across Japan, as with some fellow-missionaries who will be there.

5. I’m getting sleepy…

Brain dumped. Good night.


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