Friday Afternoon Brain Dump

Here’s what’s on my scattered brain this Friday afternoon…

1. I’ve recently instituted an “office day”… actually more of a “desk day” since I don’t really have an office exactly. But I’ve set aside a chunk of time each week to get work-stuff done that’s hard to focus on during the week because of Japanese studies. I chose Friday afternoons because there’s no pressure to get homework and stuff done for the next day. However, Friday afternoon is a hard time to work… because, you know, it’s Friday. In fact, part of the reason I’m blogging right now is to try to get my brain in gear doing something that at least feels productive.

2. Tomorrow I’m going strawberry picking with a group from my church. Weather permitting, of course. Today’s been rainy all day. But even without the rain it still feels way to early for strawberries. It’s technically spring here now but it doesn’t feel like it… well, maybe a Canadian spring…

3. My buddy AJ is blogging again after a short hiatus. This is a happy thing.

4. Doodze may be late or not-at-all this week. I have a big to-do list I’m supposed to be working on at this moment, and the aforementioned strawberry picking going on tomorrow. And next week is a crazy test-full week at school, so…

5. Speaking of school, I did my speech today, and it went pretty well. Didn’t win any prizes or anything but I remembered most of what I’d written, more or less.

6. Not looking forward to the multiple tests next week. Totally looking forward to the couple of weeks after that without any classes at all.

7. My grades have been way less than stellar, but I had dinner at the home of a family from our church last night. The pastors were there too. And none of them speak English. But I had a good time, and though I didn’t understand every word they said, I did manage to communicate and understand when the conversation was coming in my direction. So, that’s one sign of progress anyway. School can be discouraging sometimes, to be honest, but it’s real life where the language skills matter. I have a long long way to go, but I’m thankful for the progress I’ve made, and for nights like last night that remind me of that.

Brain dumped. Back to work now…


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