Sunday Night Brain Dump

Here’s what’s going on in my life and what’s on my mind… At least what’s worth sharing. Numbered for your convenience. Special thanks to Kevin, from whom I stole the term “Brain Dump” and plan to use on a regular basis now.

1. As I write this I’m listening to my latest iTunes music store purchase: Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison (Legacy Edition). Folsom Prison was already a classic album. This version includes basically all the stuff they recorded during his two shows in the prison; 51 tracks (including some intros and stuff) for only about 11 bucks. Not bad.

2. I posted a new prayer letter to my missions blog, and you can go there to read it if you’re interested.

3. Do you all back up your hard drives? I do, and I’m glad, because with my previous computer I had a hard drive die on me. I think a lot of people put it off until it’s too late. Why do most of us wait until there’s a crisis before we think of such things? Of course I’m talking about life as well as computer use. I think too many followers of Christ wait until they’re at a crisis point before they ask for help — from God or anyone else. Maybe that’s why there are so many cases of spiritual leaders failing and losing their ministry. Fellow-Believers, let’s not wait till we’re in trouble to seek the Lord, read the Word, or pray for each other.

4. The new U2 albums hits this week. Ask me if I’m excited.

5. I am.

6. Apparently I inspired the next episode of JaviLand with my previous post about my artistic philosophy. I consider this a pretty big honor, ’cause I’m a fan of the show. Check it out if you’re an artsy type, especially a comic creator.


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