I Have 4 Things to Share

It’s Friday! The past couple of weeks of class of class have been busy and difficult, and I’m glad it’s the weekend again. I’m getting used to the extra work load, though, so I’m moving in the right direction. Here are some random thoughts and links to keep you entertained and informed for the weekend:

1. I recently learned that the kanji (Japanese character) for “busy” (isogashii, 忙しい) is made up of two parts, meaning “lose” and “heart”. I found this very interesting, since losing heart is exactly what happens to people who find themselves too busy. You can see it all over Japan, especially among those who have been living the salaryman life for several years.

2. Here’s an interesting and creative look at Japanese culture: 51 Japanese Characters. Each cartoon character tells us about an aspect of the culture, each wearing a different label that people here wear, from “hostess” to “salaryman” to “cosplay” to “ninja”… I learned some new things there myself, just skimming quickly through.

3. Another link, this one about missions: Tim Guptil’s Top 5 Reasons to Go on a Short-Term Missions Trip. Tim’s Wesleyan pastor in my hometown.

4. My friend and fellow missionary Laura is also an artist and is supporting her ministry by selling her art HERE. Great idea, and some really nice pieces there too. Now go do some Christmas shopping!


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