Hmm… Weekly Re-Cap?

I almost forgot to do this this week. Not sure it would be much of a loss. Most weeks I spend a lot of time studying, and these days even more. So… it’s hard to think of stuff to write.

This coming Monday’s another fairly big test. Please pray…

In other news, I’m off to Tokyo next weekend for a meeting on Saturday. I’m planning on leaving Friday after class and staying through till Sunday evening. Should be a fun gettaway, and a good chance to connect with some fellow M’s.

I may not post a re-cap next week, or if I’m going to keep doing them. And with studies getting heavier I may not post as much other stuff either. But I do have some stuff lined up to automatically post, so do keep coming back. Hopefully I’ll find the time to post some fresh stuff soon enough.

That’s a wrap.


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