Weekly Re-Cap

It seems like it was a pretty quiet week, but here’s a look at school and life here this week, such as it was…

School is moving along quickly, though. In fact, we’re getting into stuff I don’t really know that well and by the end of the week will be starting a new textbook.

This week we learned the “plain form” of Japanese speech — what you would use in daily, casual conversations with family and friends. You’d think that the plain form would be easy, but no, this is Japanese, so of course not. The plain form actually uses bits and pieces from various tenses and forms and so it’s not so simple after all.

Yesterday I almost missed my English Bible class. I was sitting in a cafe with some school friends, having just finished lunch, when I received a text message on my phone: it was from my student, telling me he was running late. Ironically, I’d completely forgotten we were meeting and had to rush out of the cafe and catch the train from Sakae Station to Nagoya Station, probably about 10 minutes later than my student. In spite of my forgetfulness and lateness — and thus unpreparedness — we had a good time together anyway.

Today my class — actually all 3 full-time classes — had a day out instead of a Japanese lesson. We went to the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum to do pottery. It was fun, and I made a HUGE coffee mug, which will come in very handy on many early mornings.

And now it’s the weekend. And I’m glad. And that’s a wrap for this week.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Re-Cap

  1. Kelly

    Also- AJ and I went to Momoya- a sushi bar on Barrington on Friday night, and we thought of you. It was delicious. We got a vegetarian, and a California Roll- which had the little teensy fish eggs. (Roe?) I’m slowly working my way up the sushi ladder. Next time maybe we’ll try Unagi.


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