I just realized that as of yesterday I’ve been back in Japan for FIVE months now! Time flies… Remember when you were a kid and you thought adults were weird when they talked about how time speeds up the older you get? Now that I’m grown-up I know what they meant…

I think about the future a lot. This is partly because my current missionary term is as an “intern”, meaning I’m here to learn and figure out where I fit so that I can have a more effective ministry in the long run. Recently, when thinking about the future I’ve come to realize something about my vision for ministry in Japan:

My vision is now both clearer and less clear at the same time.

I know that seems like a contradiction. Or at least paradox. So let me explain. My vision seems clearer in that I feel very strongly that I will be in Japan for the long-haul. There is such a great need, as well as so much opportunity, that how could I ever think of leaving? On the other hand, my vision is less clear in the specifics. There are so many different directions my life and ministry could take, so many opportunities to pursue and needs to address, that the questions of “what’s next?” and “what’s my role in Japan?” don’t have answers yet.

Funny how the same reasons — the needs and opportunity — lead to both clarity and lack of clarity.


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