Weekly Re-Cap

This Week:

1. I didn’t blog much, as you can see. I’ll try to make up for it next week. I do have some unused videos and photos.

2. I connected with some new mission-minded Christian friends — one in person and one via email. I’m always amazed at how we’re all connected somehow. It’s like the whole “six degrees” thing; only with Christians in Japan it’s more like two degrees, which is probably due at least in part to the relative smallness of the Christian community here.

3. I helped pass out flyers to kids near a couple of local elementary schools. We have a kids’ event tomorrow we were inviting them to.

4. I realized I need to study even more. Last week we started studying Kanji — the complicated characters borrowed from Chinese which represent words instead of sounds. There are literally thousands of these things, and I think we’re supposed to learn about 300 in the next five months or so. On top of that, we’re quickly coming up on grammar that I’m less familiar with, and soon enough will be into all new stuff again. So, as I said, more study required. I figure about 3 hours outside of class would do it.

5. I also realized this week that I don’t get enough talk time in class, and I’m thinking I need to do something about that. Meaning I need to seek out more opportunities to practice my Japanese, or take advantage of the opportunities that are already there.


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