Weekly Re-Cap

Is it Friday again already? Life seems to be moving pretty fast these days. The days fill up quickly and the next thing you know it, another week has passed. It makes these Weekly Re-Caps hard to write. But here goes. This week I’ll talk about my new routine…

I’m getting into a pretty regular routine now that school’s full-time: I get up at around 6:30, have a shower, then have breakfast, coffee and quiet time. I leave for school between 8 and 8:30, depending on whether I’m biking or taking the subway. Biking takes more time and effort, but it’s good exercise, and I enjoy the trip. The subway is faster but really crowded that time of day, and more depressing; just picture a train car full of sleepy salarymen, office ladies and students, crammed in like sardines, most of them going somewhere they don’t want to be going, especially that time of day. Yeah, biking is better.

I’m in class from about 9 AM till 12:35 PM, then in the afternoon I need to spend at least 2 hours studying and doing homework. Then I have “missionary stuff” to do, which means anything from preparing for an ESL Bible study, to emailing supporters, to internship work. So there’s always something to do, whether it feels like ministry or not.

As I said, the days fill up pretty quickly.

Prayer Points: This week the new pastor, Uchiyama-sensei, arrived. His first prayer meeting was Wednesday night. That same night the outgoing pastor’s family left, and the moving company took their stuff away the next day. Pray-ers, please continue to pray for the church as it goes through this transition time. Pastor Uchiyama’s first Sunday as Nagoya Immanuel’s pastor is this weekend. Also, please keep praying for my studies (we’re moving quickly into new and uncharted territory!) and God’s guidance for my ministry here. Thanks!

And that’s a wrap for this week. If you haven’t been here all week, scroll on down and see what I’ve added — there was a bunch of new stuff this week. See you next week.


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