Prayer Letter

The following is a copy of my April prayer letter, emailed yesterday (yes I know it’s not April yet) to my supporters. If you’d like to get these by email, drop me a line. Several have bounced back as failures, so if you’re supposed to have gotten one, let me know that to. You can use the form on the Support page.

Also, you’ll notice the letter says I’m going away. The blog will keep updating while I’m gone, as I’ve pre-posted (thank you WordPress!) a few things for later this week and Monday. So feel free to keep coming back to see what’s new.


Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a great Easter! I’m going away for a few days this week, and wanted to send out a quick prayer letter first.

I leave tomorrow afternoon for Yokohama (near Tokyo) in order to attend the Immanuel Church annual national conference. The conference will featuring worship services in the evenings, with guest speaker Dr. Pence (Wesleyan General Superintendent). It’s also when the Immanuel pastors and leaders come together to give reports and do some planning for the coming year, and when pastoral appointments for the coming are announced.

For my small part, I’ll be bringing greetings during one of the sessions. I’ll also have the opportunity to get together with the other Immanuel Wesleyan Federation (IWF) missionaries. IWF is the partnership between Global Partners (Wesleyan missions), World Gospel Mission (another missions organization) and Immanuel General Mission (the Japanese church). This will actually be the first time for all of the current North American missionaries to be together at the same time, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

Please pray:

1. For safe travel for everyone attending.

2. For God’s leading and anointing on Dr. Pence’s ministry.

3. For God’s blessing on the leadership of Dr. Isaac Saoshiro, IGM’s president.

4. For the pastors who will be making transitions this year.

5. For my greetings — I’ll be attempting to do them in Japanese in front of a big crowd!

6. For my Japanese exam and studies — I get back to Nagoya on Sunday night, have my final exam (for the part time course) on Monday morning, and then begin full-time studies with orientation and a placement exam on Monday! Busy, busy…

Thanks, everyone, for your continuing prayers and encouragement! You all mean a lot to me!


– robin


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