Weekly Re-Cap

Numbered highlights from the past week:

1. I have an English student now! Last Saturday I met with Yusuke, a guy who just moved to the area from Kanagawa and whom I got connected with through a missionary friend up there. Yusuke and I will start meeting more-or-less weekly at Starbucks for one-on-one English lessons beginning next week.

2. In case you missed it, I posted a new podcast episode (#9) last night. Scroll down a couple posts to see (er, hear).  In other website news, earlier this week I also posted a new photo album (My Nagoya) in the photo gallery.

3. This week during my Japanese lesson, I got the words for “drink” (nomimasu) and “sleep” (nemasu) mixed up, and told the teacher and class that I had drank for seven and a half hours the night before.

4. Sunday night, a guy I know from back in my Bible college days, whom I hadn’t seen in like five years, came to Nagoya. Ryan lives in Tokyo but was in Nagoya for the day on business, so he joined me and several others, mostly youth and young adults, at my church for supper. It was good to see him and to get caught up, although it’s always a little bit surreal seeing someone I know from home here in Japan. He’s coming again this week, too, so we may get together again.

5. This Sunday afternoon I’m on deck to do some fun ministry with the junior high and elementary kids in the afternoon.

6. Sunday night I’m supposed to do a live conference with a church back in Canada, during what will be their morning service. They’re doing a missions emphasis and wanted to connect with me because I’m one of the missionaries they’re supporting. Should be fun, but given the 13-hour time difference, it will make for a late night.

Thanks for reading and praying.  That’s a wrap for this week.


One thought on “Weekly Re-Cap

  1. Amber

    That’s hilarious about mixing up the verbs. I remember the day in class when I mixed up movie and part-time job. The whole class looked at me like I was an idiot.


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