Weekly Re-cap / Prayer Letter

This week, instead a normal re-cap (if there is such a thing), I’m posting my prayer letter, also being sent to my supporters via email.


Hi everyone,

Sunday night I went to a multi-denominational youth worship gathering, called Heart and Soul, hosted by a local seminary. It was bi-lingual, which was nice, the speaker was good, the band was really good, and there were lots of people there. I met some fellow-expat/missionary-types too. It’s great to see someone taking the incentive to get young people from different denominations together. That’s the kind of unity that the Japanese Church — and Japan — needs.

My first month+ here in Nagoya has been spent focusing on language, getting to know people and generally just settling in — not in hands-on ministry. I have to admit that a part of me found this frustrating, as I wanted to dive right in to ministry right off the bat. But I think Pastor Saoshiro was right in recommending that I take this time to settle in. It takes time to get to know a new group of people, a new city and new church. It takes time to adjust to life in another culture, even if, like me, it’s not your first time there. It’s been an adjustment getting used to going to school, doing homework, and studying again.

Tuesday night Saoshiro-sensei and I chatted about getting me involved in ministry. Soon I’ll start getting plugged in to the life of the church more actively, and that’s something I’m looking forward to.

Here are some things you can be praying about:

  • Please pray that God will continue to help build relationships despite the language barrier. And thank Him with me for the friendships I’m building already.
  • Pray for my language studies. They’re going well but I have a long way to go. Pray that I’ll be patient and diligent in my studies and that God will help me make more progress.
  • Pray for my church — Immanuel Nagoya Church — may we have an effective ministry in Nagoya. Also, there may be some pastoral/leadership transitions in the spring. Pray for God’s will to be done and for a smooth transition period.
  • Pray for God’s direction and blessing for my ministry here.

Thanks for your prayers!


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